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Complete list of XXX-to-HTML converters

MS WORD WordPerfect FrameMaker FrameBuilder Quark PageMaker
Excel Persuasion, PowerPoint AmiPro Scribe RTF Text
PostScript SGML C,C++ TCL Mail
News TeX, LaTeX, BibTeX, Texinfo Troff MAN DECWrite Other


ANT_HTML ANT_HTML is a customizable WYSIWYG HTML conversion utility which provides both automatic conversion of documents and HTML editing via toolbar tools (or a combination), and also provides conversion of documents both to and from HTML. They also have a very good HTML editor called CRACKERJACK, check it out at

Filtrix is a commercial product (Windows and UNIX) that converts HTML, including CSS, into Word, WordPerfect, FrameMaker, Applixware, Interleaf, and other formats.
The package of filters also converts Word, WordPerfect, FrameMaker MIF, Applix Words, Interleaf, and word processor formats into HTML, offering users the chance to produce HTML with or without CSS.

GT_HTML Georgia Tech's WYSIWYG Editor for Word for Windows.

Quarterdeck's Web Author, a commercial package. Works in Word for Windows.

TagPerfect is an RTF to SGML (i.e. HTML, HTML0, HTML1, HTML2, HTML3...) convertor. Will convert and parse existing RTF documents. Contact: 100043, (Eric van Herwijnen)

E-Publish from Stat Tech allows creation of HTML documents from Winword or RTF source files.

The RTFact RTF to HTML converter from Iconovex is bundled with their AnchorPage system or available separately.

HTML Transit is a commercial program that aws you to easily convert Word documents to HTML with templates.


WordPerfect 5.1: wp2X. "WP 5.1 to anything," including a configuration file for WP2HTML. Written by Michael Richardson of Carleton University

A WordPerfect Macro - used to be at: gopher:// Try somewhere on

Internet Publisher from Novell is a free add-on to WordPerfect 6.1 for Windows.


Frame to HTML converter

fm2html Developed at Norwegian Telecom Research by Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner (

mif2html Developed by Bertrand Rousseau at CERN, this converter is used to present the on-line documentation of the ADAMO programming system

Quadralay's WebWorks Publisher The most complete and fully-functional tool for developing on-line content, WebWorks Publisher is a multi-platform tool for managing Frame and HTML document trees. (

Miftran by Jim BcBeath is written entirely in C.

WebMaker processes FrameMaker files or books and generates a set of HTML files, according to a configuration file supplied by the user. It's available for UNIX, Mac, and soon Windows.

mif.plA Perl library to parse Frame Maker Interchange Format (MIF).

www_and_frameworks well with FrameMaker 3.x - but it needs a new maintainer.
See Dan Connally's FAQ.


edc2html A Perl program to generate an HTML document to allow people to navigate throught the structure of a FrameBuilder element.


Quark to HTML Perl script to convert Quark-tagged plain text files to HTML. This is a general-purpose conversion utility; it reads in a map file that lists the Quark Tags used in the source file and how they should be translated into HTML. Versions for Unix, DOS and Macintosh. Contact: (Jeremy Hylton)

HTML Xport is a modest but working HTML export Xtension for QuarkXpress. It is available via Contact: (Eric Knudstrup)

e-Gate from Rosebud Technologies takes QuarkXpress files and generates HTML or structured ASCII files, as well as JPEG or GIF formats for graphics. It will also structure articles so that they can be stored and managed in databases.

BeyondPress (formerly Gateway) from Astrobyte is an XTension which translates QuarkXPress documents to HTML. Contact:

Collect HTML from Logic n.v. is an XTension that allows you to convert text from Quark pages into HTML format. Styles can be converted into HTML pre- and suffixes. Collect is not well suited to convert complete Quark pages; it better suited to 'clip' articles from large pages (e.g. a newspaper) for Web publication.

HexWeb XT from HexMac is an XTension which allows new or existing QuarkXPress documents to be translated and formatted as web pages.


Dave is a PageMaker to HTML converter for Macintosh.


Excel 5.0 for Windows to HTML Table.


Claris HTML Translator allows ClarisWorks to open, edit, and create HTML documents. Also usable by other Claris applications such as MacWrite.


AmiWeb is a package that allows you to compose HTML documents using AmiPro for Windows.


There is a technical report Producing HTML Documents with Scribe for users of the Scribe document production system. Contact: (Glenn Trewitt)

Persuasion, PowerPoint

Internet Assistant for Powerpoint for Windows 95 from Microsoft. Turns slides into HTML pages; hyperlinks are automatically set up to jump from one slide to another.

wwwfoil processes the text outline file produced by Adobe Persuasion and converts to HTML. It will also do several other useful tasks needed in preparing online presentations for education. Contact: (Geoffrey Fox)


EndNote2html is a "style" for the EndNote bibliographic tool. It causes EndNote for Microsoft Word to link references in the text to the corresponding line in the references list. Contact: (Alk Dransfeld)


RTF to HTML converter

rtftoweb (extends and requires Chris Hector's great rtftohtml filter)

eText - reads: RTF, RTFD, and ETFD (eText Format Document) and writes HTMD (HTML Document), TeXD (LaTeX Document), C, and formatted ASCII. This is for NeXTSTEP.

rtftohtml This site includes source and Macintosh and Sun binaries to convert Microsoft's RTF format to HTML, and is customizable in several ways.

rtf2html An older utility written by Chuck Shotton (author of MacHTTP). He admits it's an "Ugly Hack"

RTF Tools for Macs.


AscToHTM is a utility that converts text documents into one or more linked HTML pages. It recognises the document's layout, including indentation, bullets, section headings, pre-formatted, and quoted text. It converts all URL's to hyperlinks, and can add hyperlinks to section numbers and user-specified keywords. It can generate one or many output pages and a hyperlinked contents list. It can add headers,footers, style sheets and javascript to each page generated.



Setext Information and Samples describes the visually unobtrusive setext "typotags" and the setext->HTML converter.

Digest has great flexibility for dealing with a wide variety of structured files.

asc2html Convert ASCII text to HTML- recognizes URL's.


ps2html Classic Postscript to HTML converter. This version is specific to certain Journals of the Johns Hopkins University Press.

ps2html - The Sequel converts arbitrary postscript text to HTML.

Wide World Web Wonder Widget -- Mozilla Printing converts HTML to ps using the Mozilla algorithm.

html2ps from Jan Kärrman. Compared to Mosaic, html2ps has much more possibilties to control the layout; sizes of fonts, margins and page, possibility to print in landscape mode etc. On the other hand, Mosaic can handle in-line images.


Linuxdoc-SGML is a text-formatting package based on SGML (Standard Generalized Markup Language), which allows you to produce LaTeX, groff, HTML, and plain ASCII (via groff) documents from a single source. Texinfo support is forthcoming; due to the flexible nature of SGML many other target formats are possible.

Klaus Harbo's CoST (Copenhagen SGML Tool) is based on the sgmls parser and [incr tcl] programming language. Someone needs to write CoST scripts for every source DTD.

General Translator Archive (Rainbow) Electronic Book Technologies is providing a set of translators to move from proprietary word processor formats into various SGML formats, including HTML.

An experimentalHTML to ICADD transformation service is available. It generates an SGML document that uses an ICADD DTD.

Fred: The SGML Grammar Builder Project. Fred can automatically build DTDs from tagged text, and to support arbitrary transformations it includes a translation language that allows direct mappings based on tag names, attributes, and structure, as well as movement of text within the tree and several other manipulation features.

dtd2html is a Perl program that generates an HTML document (composed of several files) to allow hypertext navigation through an SGML DTD. A Perl library to extract the structure defined by an SGML DTD.

dtdtree Generate content hierarchy trees of SGML elements.

ctoohtml is a c/C++ to HTML filter that HTMLizes a set of source and header files. Function and macro definitions are automatically anchored, and references to these definitions are hyperlinked. In addition, the user may include HTML markup within the code.

CXX2HTML is perhaps better than the previous two.

c2man can be used to generate man page style HTML documentation from c source.


HTCLtoTCL preprocessor that converts TCL code with HTML directives embedded as comments into HTML documents and TCL source.


Mailbox to HTML Translator

Hypermail: An EMail to HTML compiler by Tom Gruber, in Common Lisp.

hypermail rewritten in C, by Kevin Hughes.

mail2html another one by Earl Hood, written in Perl. mail2html has been replaced with MHonArc.

WebMail is a scheme to allow read and write access to personal mail files from one's web environment.


WebThread threads articles of newsgroups.

A news to HTML extracter called Hypernews.

The HyperNews Parser that parses .newsrc file and creates a file that contains all the groups, but structured as a tree and that is in HTML format.

Hyperactive converts a list of Usenet News newsgroups into a set of ordered hierarchical lists.

TeX, LaTeX, BibTeX, Texinfo

plain2 written by Mr. Uchida ( converts plain text to TeX, ROFF and HTML.

Vulcanize is a much simpler latex to HTML converter from Mark-Jason Dominus (

Hyperlatex is a little package that allows you to use a subset of Latex to prepare documents in HTML, and, at the same time, to describe a fine printed document with all the possibilities of Latex.

SGML2TeX for PCs can be ftp'd from here.

gf is a package for formatting the output of sgmls as LaTeX documents. will take a BibTeX database and create a modified version with HTML markup between the entries.

texi2www is yet another texinfo to html converter that produces HTML that looks similar to the printed manual.

HyperTeX adds hypertext capabilites to TeX macros.

latex2html Convert from LaTeX to HTML


troff2html - v0.2 only supports the -me macros. RSN -ms and -man

troff2html by Jim Briggs


man2html A Perl program to convert Unix manpages to HTML, is available from Earl Hood's home page.

bbc_man2html allows you view man pages through a World Wide Web server like NCSA's httpd.

RosettaMan is a filter for UNIX manual pages. is a CGI-form interface to RosettaMan.


man-cgi is shell-sed-awk script which converts on the fly the output of the "man" command to HTML.


DECWrite: decw2html.

decw2html Convert from DecWrite SGML output to HTML.


HLPTOHTML This program converts Digital's DCL HELP files (.HLP suffix) to HTLM, the Hypertext Markup Language used by Mosaic.

html2asc Shellscript to strip HTML (and SGML) markup

song2html by Meng Weng Wong. This is a filter for lyrics from the archive. It takes advantage of the @ALBUM and @SONG indexing method to produce an index.html file pointing to individual songs in a directory of song files.

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